Cats who have been part of our breeding program


Ozspots Malika of Zayenah

(Retired April 2012)
Colour: Black spotted silver (OCI ns 24)
DOB: 05/02/2009
Living in SA with Matthew & Carolin
& Zayenah Chocolate Kisses

Grand Champion Ozspots Ashia of Zayenah

(retired July 2013)
Colour: Chocolate spotted (OCI b 24) (*carrying Cinnamon)
DOB: 26/03/2009
Living in SA with Carla
& her Oriental, Tonkinese and Siamese friends

Grand Champion Daywalker Sacajawea (German Import)

Retired April 2015
Colour: Blue spotted (OCI a 24) (*carrying Cinnamon)
DOB: 09/02/2011

Living in SA with Paula & Craig & Zayenah Amiri

Chocolate Chip

Champion Zayenah Chocolate Chip

Retired December 24, 2014
Colour: Chocolate spotted (OCI b 24) 
DOB: 08/03/2013

Silver Double Grand Champion Zayenah Heavenly Magic

Pet name: Hattie
Retired July 2016
Colour: Tawny spotted (OCI n 24)
DOB: 03/08/2010

Grand Champion Ozspots Dargo

Retired June 2016 
Colour: Chocolate spotted silver (OCI bs 24)
DOB: 01/12/2011

Zayenah Some Like It Hot

Retired May 2018
Colour: Lilac spotted silver (OCI cs 24)
DOB: 08/01/2013

Double Grand Champion Zayenah Chocolate Ice

Retired: June 2019
Colour: chocolate spotted silver (OCI BS 24)
DOB: 08/03/2013

Grand Champion Zayenah Peekaboo

Retired July 2019
Colour: black spotted silver (OCI NS24)
DOB: 08/10/2014

Double Grand Champion Zayenah Purrfection

Retired December 2019
Colour: Lilac spotted silver (OCI cs 24) 
DOB: 24/05/2014

CCCA Champion, Amethyst Gold Double Grand Champion Chezami Azazel (Imp NZ)

Retired November 2019
Colour: Chocolate spotted (OCI b 24)
DOB: 11/12/2014