Important dates

Date of birth – 15th July 2022
First vet check & vaccination – 9th September 2022 (8 weeks old)
2nd vet check, vaccination, desexing – 7th October 2022 (12 weeks old)
Ready to leave from – 14th October 2022


(kitten names will be added when chosen by their owners)
Zayenah Minerva – Chocolate spotted silver female – reserved for Victoria, Tas
Tawny spotted male – available
Chocolate spotted silver male – reserved for Emma

4 weeks old...

3 weeks old...

We are gloriously plump, wonderful well fed bubs. We are walking a lot more, trying to run, wrestling with each other. We will move into our playpen today, giving us a safe space to walk and play in, along with learning to eat solids and use the litter tray within the next week. 

2 weeks old...

We are practicing our walking now, and we are very nosey. We come to the edge of the bed to greet Granny and carefully watch everything she does. 

1 week old...

Kittens are growing very well. Little girl has her eyes open, the boys are almost there – another day or so and they’ll be wide open.


Very quick photos so as not to upset mum, the kittens are very well sized, all feeding well.