Important dates:

Date of birth – 24th August 2022
First vet check & vaccination – 20th October 2022 (8 weeks old)
2nd vet check, vaccination, desexing – 17th November 2022 (12 weeks old)
Ready to leave from – 24th November 2022


Kittens names will be added when chosen by their owners
Blue spotted male – available
 Chocolate spotted maleavailable
Black spotted silver male – reserved for Troy, Vic
Black spotted silver female (yellow collar) – reserved for Katy, Vic
Zayenah Light Up The Dark – Black spotted silver female (orange collar) – staying at Zayenah
Zayenah Wild Indigo – Lilac spotted female – staying at Zayenah

5 weeks old...

4 weeks old...

We are very active little cats now, running and playing all over the place.
We had run through our plate of food just before our photos this week!

3 weeks old...

2 weeks old...

We are finding our feet well, easily climbing in and out of our bed. We purr loudly, can recognise voices and meow at people. 

1 week old...

We are all growing well, our eyes have opened too. We are getting steadier on our feet. 

Fluffy newborns

Our newborn coats are very fluffy, markings will become clearer in the next week or so.