August 13th 2022 – new photos of Cheyennes kittens, 4 weeks old  *tawny spotted male available* – Click here


Welcome to the spectacularly spotty world of Zayenah Ocicats.

Australia’s most experienced Ocicat breeder for fully health tested Ocicats that optimise the true beauty and temperament of the Ocicat.

We have been continuously involved in the Ocicat breed for over 15 years, our cattery is registered with FASA and DCMB in South Australia, breeder #DACO151084

With elite, award winning show cats, we endeavour to “perfect perfection” in the Ocicat to ensure our babies have exceptional temperaments, along with the look of a wild cat that will delight our kitten families with their personalities and loving natures.

Kittens available to approved homes throughout Australia and world wide, see our Ocicat kittens page for more details. 

Comments from world renowned cat show judges about our Ocicats:
“Leading the way for Ocicats in Australia”
“I’m blown away by the temperaments & standard of the Ocicats today”
“These are the sweetest Ocicats I’ve ever met”

Contact us to join our waiting list for upcoming Ocicat kittens

Next litter due: August 27th 2022 from Callie & Livius

Callie’s kittens can be chocolate spotted, tawny spotted, blue spotted, lilac spotted,
chocolate spotted silver, black spotted silver, blue spotted silver, lilac spotted silver

Cheyenne's kittens have arrived!

Tawny spotted male – available
Chocolate spotted silver male – reserved
Chocolate spotted silver female – reserved

click here to visit their litter page

Congratulations to...

FASA 2021 Ocicat of the year – Double Grand Champion Iruskha Cheyenne of Zayenah (USA)(chocolate spotted female)

FASA 2021 Ocicat neuter of the year – Opal Gold Double Grand Champion Zayenah Real Sugar (tawny spotted male)

FASA 2021 Ocicat kitten of the year – Zayenah Mew (black spotted silver female)

Regional Winner, Supreme Grand Champion Zayenah Wallaby of Iruskha has been awarded TICA’s best in the world Ocicat 2019-2020!
He is also TICA’s Best Ocicat USA, 2nd best all breeds cat SE region, 2nd best shorthair cat SE region.
In 2019 he was TICA’s 2nd best Ocicat kitten in the world, Best Ocicat kitten SE region, 18th best kitten SE region.
Well done Wally, we are so proud of you. 

CCCA Champion, Amethyst Gold Double Grand Champion Chez Ami Azazel (Imp NZ) awarded FASA’s best shorthair cat 2017 & 2018, he was also FASA’s best Ocicat entire 2016-2019.
Well done Zee we are so proud of you.